Here at Medline Hospice Care Inc., under the direction of a physician, our team of healthcare professionals provides all four type of hospice care.

  1. Routine Home Care – This is the type of care that is done routinely at the patient’s residence, whether is at their home, assisted living communities, care facilities, board and cares, or nursing homes.
  2. Respite Care – This type of care is provided to a hospice patient so the usual caregiver can rest. As a hospice patient, you will have one primary person that takes care of you every day. That person is often a family member and they will need time away from caregiving to accomplish other things. During a period of respite care, you will be cared for in a Medicare-approved setting such as a hospice facility, hospital, or nursing home.
  3. General Inpatient Care – This type of care is for pain control or symptom management provided in an inpatient facility that cannot be managed in other settings. The care is intended to be short-term and is the second most expensive level of hospice care. General Inpatient Care may be provided in one of three settings: a Medicare-certified hospice inpatient unit, a hospital, or a skilled nursing facility.
  4. Continuous Care – This type of care is provided in the home for brief periods of time when the patient is experiencing a crisis. It is designed to honor a patient’s wish to remain at home by providing the care needed to control the patient’s symptoms and alleviate the crisis.

Services provided for all four types are as follows:

Skilled Nurses

Our highly trained professionals asses and manage the pain and other symptoms related to the disease. They also make regular visits and provide teachings to patients and caregivers on how provide care and comfort to the patient.

Medical Social Workers

Our educated and intelligent medical social workers are available to assist the patient/family at any time to deal with emotional support in dealing with a terminal illness. Our social workers are available to coordinate services with the patient’s physicians, and community resources. They also assist with legal, financial and social resources.

Home Health Aides

Our kind and caring home health aides are available to help with personal care and assistance with activities of daily living, feeding, grooming, bathing, personal hygiene, light meal preparation, and light housekeeping.

Spiritual Counseling

We provide chaplain services which include visits from the chaplain to the patient’s home. Their goal is to work with the family and the patient in providing spiritual support.


We cover all of the prescription drugs, over the counter medications, medical equipment and supplies that are required to treat the patient’s terminal illness.

Our 24 hour on-call nurse staff guarantees immediate response

We coordinate these services ordered by physician(s) to meet your family’s and your needs. All persons involved in your care are instructed regarding your specific requirements and their roles in caring for you.

Our carefully selected staff will contribute greatly to your well-being through our delivery of expert, professional, and compassionate care